The Prodigal Son Bible Story | Story Of The Prodigal Son

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The story of the Prodigal Son (The Prodigal Son Bible Story) is shared in this article. Bible Parable is the story of a son who went astray and went away from his father and repented and returned to the shelter of the Lord.

The Prodigal Son Bible Story

A rich man had two sons. He was very obedient and hardworking. Small was luxurious. One day the younger son went to his father and demanded his share of the property. The father gave him his share of the property.

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The younger son went to another country after taking his share of the property. After reaching there, he blew up all the property in Bhog Vilas. At the same time, there was a severe famine in that country and it was about to die of hunger.

Forced, he worked as a herder of pigs on a man’s farm. He used to graze pigs in the field throughout the day and would try to fill his stomach only by eating whatever legumes the pigs got to eat. But he was not lucky enough to have pork beans either.

In such a situation, he started remembering his father’s house. He started thinking that even the servants and labourers in his father’s house get more bread than their hunger and I am craving the beans that the pigs get here.

He decided that he would return to his father’s house and beg for his forgiveness, “My father, I have sinned against you, the God in heaven, who has abandoned you for the sake of my luxury. Keep me as your labourer, because now I am not worthy to be called your son.

Thinking this, he went to his father’s house. He was at some distance from the house when his father’s vision fell on him. Seeing his son in such a condition, the father’s heart melted. He ran to her and hugged her.

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The son apologized to the father and said, Father! I am no longer worthy to be called your son. I have sinned against you.

But the father ignored his words. He called out to his servants in joy and said, “Go and get nice clothes for my son, put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. Kill a fattened calf and prepare to rejoice. My son was dead, but he is alive again. He was lost, but is found again.”

Everyone in the house started playing songs together and enjoying themselves. 

At that time the elder son was working in the field. When he started returning from the area and reached near the house, he heard the sound of dancing and playing songs and asked a servant about it.

The servant said that your brother has returned well from abroad. That’s why your father has killed a fattened calf and everyone is rejoicing together.

The elder son got angry and started returning from there. Then the father came to him and began to obey him.

The elder son complained, “I have always been with you. I obeyed your every command. But you never even killed a kid for me and killed a fat calf for the one who left you and squandered all his property in luxury.

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Then the father said, “Son! You were always with me. my everything is yours But your younger brother lost his way and went away from me. He is on the right track. I am enjoying it.

The lesson from the story of the prodigal son is that the Lord God loves all his children. Those who had gone astray and have repented and come back to the Lord, the Lord accepts them again and is pleased with their return. He bestows a blissful life for them. That’s why the misguided brothers and sisters repent and return to the shelter of God and live a blissful life by being a part of His love.

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