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Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of the foolish bear for kids. This story is about a hungry bear, who goes fishing in the river to satisfy his hunger. Or can he catch fish? Can he satisfy his hunger? Read the full story to know this:

The Foolish Bear Story for Kids

A greedy bear lived in a forest. He was always in search of more. He is never satisfied with little. When he woke up one afternoon, he felt very hungry. He went out in search of food.

The weather was clear that day. The golden sun was shining. The bear thought, “What fine weather it is. In this season, I should go fishing. Let’s have a feast of fish today.

Thinking this, he took the path of the river. After reaching the bank of the river, the bear thought that if he could get hold of a big fish, he would have fun. He put his hand in the river with full hope and a fish came to his hand. He was very happy. But, when he took his hand out of the river, he saw that the fish in his hand was small.

He was very disappointed. Arey, what will happen to me? If you get hold of a big fish, then it becomes a matter. He threw that small fish back into the river and got ready to catch fish again.

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After some time, he put his hand in the river again and got a fish in his hand again. But, that fish was also small. He threw that fish also in the river thinking that this small fish will not fill my stomach.

And repeatedly caught fish by putting his hand in the river and every time he got a small fish. He would throw the small fish back into the river in the hope of the big one. While doing this, it was evening and he did not get a single big fish.

He was in a bad condition due to hunger. He started wondering how many small fish I threw away for the big fish. Those little fish could be equal to a big fish and could fill my stomach.

Moral of Bear Story for kids

Understand the importance of what you have. Even if it is small, it is better than nothing.    

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