The Ant and Dove Story: A Tale of Friendship and Generosity

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Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of an Ant and a Dove ( The Ant And Dove Story Written With Moral ). This story is a popular fable by Aesop. In this, the importance of favour in life has been told through ants and doves. Read the full story ( Short Story About Helping Others) :

The Ant and the Dove Story

In the hot afternoon, a small ant suffering from thirst was wandering in search of water. After wandering for a long time, she saw a river and she happily started moving towards the river. When he reached the bank of the river and saw the cool water flowing every day, his thirst increased.

The Ant And The Dove Story Image
The Ant And Dove Story Image

She could not go directly to the river. That’s why she started trying to drink water by climbing a stone lying on the bank. But in this attempt, she lost her balance and fell into the river.

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As soon as she fell into the water of the river, she started flowing in a strong current. He started seeing his death in front of him. Then from somewhere a leaf fell in front of him. Somehow she climbed on that leaf. That leaf was thrown by a dove sitting on a tree situated on the river bank, who had seen the ant falling into the water and wanted to save his life.

The Ant And The Dove Story Save life Image
The Ant And The Dove Story Save Life Image

Flowing along the leaf, the ant came to the shore and jumped to reach the dry land. The dove selflessly helped and saved the ant’s life. She started thanking him in her heart.

Only a few days had passed after this incident one day the dove got trapped in the net laid by the Fowler. He flapped his wings a lot to get out of there, tried a lot, but could not succeed in getting out of the trap. The Fowler picked up the net and started going towards his house. The dove was helplessly imprisoned inside the net.

When the ant saw the dove trapped in the net, it remembered the day when the dove had saved its life. The ant immediately reached the Fowler and started biting hard on his leg. The Fowler started writhing in pain. His grip on the net became loose and the net fell to the ground.

The Ant And The Dove Story dove trap

The dove had got the opportunity to get out of the net. He quickly came out of the trap and flew away. In this way, the ant repaid the favour done by the dove.

Lesson (Moral)

If you do good, good will come to you. When you do a favour for others, it never goes in vain. You will definitely receive its reward at some point in time. That’s why one should always help others selflessly.

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