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Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of Cinderella ( Cinderella Fairy Tale Story). Cinderella Story is an old popular fairy tale, which is the story of a young girl who is tormented by her stepmother. How his life changes, is told in an interesting way in this story. This story is very much liked by children abroad today. Read the full story:

Cinderella Story

There was a wealthy man who lived in the city with his stunning daughter, Ella. Despite her motherless upbringing, her father doted on her and fulfilled her every desire, while she loved him deeply in return. But she often felt the absence of her mother and used to cry remembering her.

Ella’s father was often out of town in connection with the business. He always used to worry about Ella behind him. That’s why he got a mother for Ella after getting married for the second time. Ella’s stepmother was a wicked woman. His intention was to live a life of luxury on Ella’s father’s wealth. He already had two daughters. She was ugly and wicked like her own mother.

After marriage, Ella’s stepmother and sisters started living at her house. In front of Ella’s father, she used to talk very sweetly to him and behave very well. But she never let go of any opportunity to tease him behind his back.

One day Ella’s father had to go out of town in connection with the business. Many months have passed. Ella kept waiting. But his father did not return. One day the news of his death came. Ella was left alone after her father’s departure. Her evil stepmother became the mistress of the house and Ella’s condition became like a maid in her own house.  

Ella, who lived like a princess, was given torn clothes by her stepmother to wear and made her do all the household chores. Ella looked very beautiful even in tattered clothes. That’s why both his ugly sisters used to envy him.   

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Ella’s only friends were two mice and a small bird living in that house. Whenever she got time after working for the whole day, she would play with them. Tired at night, she used to sleep by the side of the stove. While sleeping, the ashes (cinder) of the stove would sprinkle and fall on him. Early in the morning, the ashes of the fireplace would be scattered on her, seeing which her step-sisters would tease her by the name of ‘Cinderella’. Gradually her name became Cinderella.

Once it was announced to the whole state that the king was organizing a big party in the palace. The prince will choose one girl for marriage from among the girls attending that party. All the girls of the state were called in the procession.

When Cinderella’s stepsisters came to know about this announcement, they too started making preparations to go to the prom. Cinderella was also excited to see the palace procession. But her stepmother was against Cinderella going there. He knew that the pulse of his ugly daughters would not melt in front of Cinderella’s beauty. She did not allow Cinderella to go to the prom.

On the day of the prom, after assigning a double task to Cinderella, her stepmother went to the prom with her two daughters. A sad Cinderella spent the whole day doing housework and thinking about the prom. After finishing work, when she sat near the fireplace, the little bird and the two mice came to her and tried to amuse her. But the sad Cinderella did not lose heart and tears welled up in her eyes. She started remembering her mother and started thinking that if she had a mother, she would have been able to go to the prom today.

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Cinderella was thinking that suddenly a fairy appeared in front of her. The fairy asked Cinderella the reason for her sadness, so she told her about the party. The fairy prepares Cinderella to go to the prom. With his magic wand, he changed his torn-old clothes into new and beautiful clothes. The pumpkin kept in the kitchen was made into a beautiful buggy by his magic. Both the mice became the horses and the bird the coachman.

The fairy put glass shoes on the beautiful feet of Cinderella and put a mask on her eyes. Now Cinderella was ready to go to the prom sitting on the buggy. While leaving, the fairy told him that his magic is only till 12 at night. She has to come back before 12 o’clock in any case, otherwise, she will come in her tattered clothes as soon as the spell ends. Cinderella promised the fairy that she would be back home before 12 midnight and leave for the ball.

When Cinderella reached the party, everyone was surprised to see her beauty. She was the prettiest girl at the prom. When her step-sisters saw her, she was shocked. But could not recognize him because of the mask. The prince’s eyes also stopped on Cinderella.  

The prince fell in love with Cinderella at first sight. He went to her and invited her to dance. Cinderella and the prince danced together the whole evening. Every girl present at the party was jealous of seeing him. While dancing, the prince asked Cinderella about her, so Cinderella hid her identity and did not tell him anything.

Cinderella came out of the house after a long time and was very happy. In this happiness, the talk of the angel went out of his mind. When the clock rang at 12 o’clock in the night, he remembered the words of the fairy that he had to come back before 12 o’clock.

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She released the prince’s hand and ran towards the carriage standing outside the palace. Rajkumar did not want to let him go. He also ran after her. While running, one of Cinderella’s shoes came out near the door of the palace. Cinderella didn’t have time to put it on again. She left him there and sat in the buggy. When the prince reached the door, the carriage was gone and so was Cinderella. The prince became sad and started going to the palace. Then he saw the glass shoe lying at the door and he picked it up.

Here, as soon as Cinderella reached home, the effect of the fairy’s magic ended. She came in her tattered clothes as before. The buggy became a pumpkin again. The mouse and the little bird also returned to their original form. But Cinderella was very happy. He thanked the angel. The angel went back after giving him lots of blessings.

Days started passing. Cinderella was still settled in the mind of the prince. He was not able to forget her. He made up his mind that he would somehow find Cinderella and marry her. To find Cinderella, she had her glass slipper. He made an announcement in the entire state that the glass shoe would fit on the feet of any girl. He will marry her.  

All the girls of the state wanted to marry Rajkumar. Everyone started trying to wear that glass shoe by claiming it as their own. But that shoe did not fit on anyone’s feet. The prince was roaming from city to city with his servants. One day while roaming around he reached Cinderella’s house.

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Cinderella’s mother welcomed the prince and took him inside the houseThere he was introduced to his two daughters. But Cinderella was not allowed to come in front of the prince. Cinderella’s stepsisters started trying to insert the glass slipper into her feet. But even after lakhs of attempts, she did not come to his feet.

The disappointed prince was about to leave when he caught sight of Cinderella peeping from behind the curtain. Even after many refusals from Cinderella’s mother, she called her out to wear the slipper. When Cinderella came out and put on the shoe, it fell on her feet. He also took out the other shoe and wore it. Seeing this, the eyes of his stepmother and sisters were left torn.

But the prince understood that Cinderella was the girl he had met at the prom and whom he had fallen in love with. He proposed marriage to Cinderella. Cinderella also happily accepted that proposal. The prince and Cinderella got married and both started living happily.

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