Happy Birthday Story: How Grandpa Surprised Grandma

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Happy Birthday, Story: Read the full story of How Grandpa Surprised Grandma (Happy Birthday Story) Grandma woke up early in the morning today. Grandpa was fast asleep nearby. He had suffered a heart attack a few days ago. Was fine now, but sometimes had to take sleeping pills while sleeping. Seeing Grandfather sleeping, a smile spread on Grandmother’s lips. Reassuringly, he closed his eyes again. After a while, he again dozed off.

Happy Birthday Story How Grandpa Surprised Grandma

Suddenly there was a feeling of wetness on the cheek. When I opened my eyes, Shweta was standing nearby.

Planting a kiss on the cheek, Shweta said, “Happy birthday, grandma.

“My dear child,” grandmother’s voice became moist, “you are so beautiful.”

Shall I go, Grandma? The school bus is about to come.

Shweta looked at Grandpa and said, “How are you sleeping?”

Grandmother felt that Grandfather was really awake for years. Now got to sleep somewhere.

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Sachin entered. There was a bunch of 5 roses in hand. Grandmother had a special love for roses. His eyes used to sparkle as soon as he saw them.

Planting a kiss, Sachin handed the flowers to grandmother and said, “Happy birthday.”

“Hi, you are my best grandson,” said the grandmother happily, “how much he cares about my choices.”

Sachin mischievously asked, “Grandma, how old are you now?”

“Come on, you scoundrel of somewhere. One should never ask women their age,” grandmother said with a laugh.

“Okay, let’s go, grandma,” said Sachin, “the boys are waiting outside to go to college.” Grandmother got up slowly, lest grandfather wakes up from the commotion. She went to the bathroom and after half an hour came out after taking a bath and started changing clothes.

Son Tarun had brought a new saree. Grandma was wearing the same saree.

“Hi Mom,” Tarun said coming in, “Happy birthday“. How beautiful you are looking today.

“Chal hat, teri biwi se sundar thodi hoon,” Grandmother never forgot to shoot arrows at her daughter-in-law. “Who said so,” Tarun said hugging his mother, “Even your mother was not prettier than mine. Why only your mother, none of the mother’s mother’s mother was as beautiful as you.

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“The sycophant of somewhere,” said the grandmother lovingly, “he has grown up so much, but he talks like a child.” “Now I am only your child, aren’t I,” Tarun laughed and said, “I am getting ready to go to the office. What happened to Father? 

Still sleeping. “Where have you been sleeping,” Grandfather opened his eyes and got up and said, “You are making so much noise, someone can sleep.”

Happy Birthday Story Grandpa Still sleeping

“Papaji, you are very bad,” said Tarun complainingly, “you were secretly listening to my son’s secrets.”

“Intelligent things are said in whispers in the ear. Not by lifting the sky like this,” Grandfather quipped. “What should I do, papaji, everyone says that I have gone to you,” Tarun said while supporting grandfather, “Now you get ready. Vasudha is making some special dishes for you guys.

“Why, is there anything special?” asked Grandpa.

“Papaji, nothing special, it is said that not all days are the same. That’s why one day or the other is special in everyone’s life,” Tarun said with a mysterious smile. “Since when did you start studying philosophy,” said Grandfather.

“Come on, Papa,” Tarun’s eyes met his mother’s. Does he really not remember that today was the birthday of his wife who entered his life 55 years ago? Don’t know what game old age plays now.

Grandfather turned towards the bathroom with staggering steps. Grandma tried unsuccessfully to help. Grandfather rebuked and said, “You take care of yourself.” See, I am still as smart as actor Dilip Kumar. I do my work myself. I wish you were my Saira Banu.

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Grandfather locked the bathroom door from the inside. The sound of singing was coming from inside, ‘Abhi toh main jawan hoon, Abhi toh main jawan hoon’.

Grandma smiled. Totally rude.

As soon as daughter-in-law Vasudha entered the room, she said, “Hi mother, happy birthday,” then she looked at the saree and said, “Tarun was telling the truth. You have blossomed in this saree. Looking very beautiful.

“You are also no less, daughter-in-law,” while saying this, redness came on grandmother’s cheeks.

While leaving, Vasudha said, “Mother, I am cooking. You both come soon. I am making hot Kachori. Grandmother’s childhood was spent in Kucha Patiram in Sitaram Bazar. Often she used to mention the puri, halwa, kachori and jalebi of that place. Listeners used to get water in their mouths listening to the way grandmother used to narrate.

Vasudha was from Meerut and used to make all these dishes. Grandmother liked him, but like every mother-in-law, she too was stingy in praising him. Initially, Vasudha felt bad. But now the mother-in-law was well recognized.

Birtday Story grandma eating food image

After a while Grandfather and Grandmother came out and sat on the chair. Hearing the sound of their coming, Vasudha kept the pan on the stove.

Dadiji started eating soft aromatic semolina pudding first. Vasudha made Dahijeera potatoes with Kachori.

Grandfather had eaten 2 kachoris.

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Grandmother praised the halwa and said to Grandfather, “It is made in pure ghee, isn’t it… It is good if it is made, but it should be digested as well.”

“Oh wow, you have taken more,” Grandfather said in a disappointed voice.

Vasudha laughed after listening to both of them, “Papa, I will make it again.”

Due to a heart attack, my grandfather had to take a lot of precautions and get it done.

During the day, both the sister of the grandmother and their family members were congratulating her on her birthday over the phone. His brother-in-law got a call from Canada. Grandma liked it very much. She was very happy and Grandpa was smiling.

The whole family had gathered at night. The daughter and son-in-law had also brought gifts. There was a lot of commotion. Boys and girls were dancing to film tunes. While Tarun was joking with his brother-in-law, Vasudha along with her sister-in-law was preparing good snacks and sending them from the kitchen. Just had fun.

“Grandma, your birthday must come at least once a week,” Sachin said to Grandma, “I wish my birthday was celebrated like this.”

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Grandma suddenly said, “Today everyone congratulated me“. Just leaving one.

“Who, Mother?” Tarun asked in surprise. “Who did this audacity?” Sachin said.

“He,” said the grandmother looking at her husband.

Grandfather became very serious. ”What did you say? Didn’t I congratulate you?

Grandfather was still sitting leaning on the divan when he suddenly rolled back. Maybe it was a shock. How did you forget to like this? Everyone’s heart was shaken.

“Hi Ram,” Grandma rushed to Grandfather. She said almost crying, “Open your eyes. What did I say like this?

Grandpa might have had a heart attack again, everyone thought. Grandmother’s eyes became moist. He tried to listen to the heartbeat by putting his ear to his chest. When he could not hear from one ear, he put the other ear on his chest.

“Happy birthday,” Grandpa said with a wide-eyed smile, “now you said it.”

Birthday Story Image

“This is also a way,” said Grandmother wiping her tears. Now the smile was back on his lips.

Everyone was laughing.

“There is no way,” said Grandfather getting up, “but you will remember.”

“Leave it too,” said the grandmother blushing.

“Wow, that’s called 18th-century romance,” said Sachin, clapping.

Then the whole house echoed with thunderous applause.

Moral of Happy Birthday Story: How Grandpa Surprised Grandma

Even in the midst of difficult circumstances, love and thoughtfulness can still bring joy to those we care about.


In this touching (Happy Birthday) story, Grandpa goes above and beyond to surprise his beloved Grandma on her special day. Despite his recent health scare and need for medication, he carefully plans and executes a heartwarming surprise that brings a smile to Grandma’s face. This heartwarming story reminds us that even in challenging times, small acts of love and kindness can make a big impact on those we love.

FAQs (Happy Birthday Story)

1. What is the story about?

The story is about how Grandpa surprised Grandma on her birthday, despite his recent health scare.

2. How did Grandpa surprise Grandma?

Grandpa carefully planned a heartwarming surprise for Grandma on her birthday, which brought her great joy and happiness.

3. Why is this story heartwarming?

The story is heartwarming because it shows the power of love and thoughtfulness, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

4. What is the moral of the story?

The story reminds us that small acts of love and kindness can make a big impact on those we care about, especially in challenging times.

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