Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit Story With Moral

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Lion and Rabbit Story With Moral: The story of the lion and rabbit is very popular in today’s time. If you have not heard this story, then in today’s post we have written Lion and Rabbit Story with Moral.

which you can read. Along with this, you can also learn a lot from this post-Lion and Rabbit Story With Moral.

That’s why without delay, let’s read Lion and Rabbit Story With Moral, and learn a new thing.

Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit Story

Moral of the Story Lion and Rabbit: Once upon a time, a ferocious lion lived in a dense forest. He was very strong, cruel and arrogant. He used to kill the animals in the forest to satisfy his hunger. This talk of the lion became a cause of concern for the animals of the forest.

He was worried that after some time none of them would be alive. They discussed the problem among themselves and decided to have a meeting with the lion. He wanted to be friendly with the lion.

One day as per the plan all the animals of the forest gathered under a big tree. He invited the lion, the king of the jungle, to attend the meeting. The representative of the animals in the assembly said, “Your Majesty, it is our good fortune that we have accepted you as our king.

We are more than happy that you are attending this meeting. Raja Singh thanked him and said, “What’s the matter?

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All the animals started looking at each other. He was mustering up enough courage to discuss the subject. One of the animals stood up and said, “King, it is clear that you will have to kill us for your food. But, hitting excessively is not a good approach.

One of the animals replied, “Your Excellency, we have already discussed the problem among ourselves and found a solution. We have decided that every day one animal will be sent to your den. You can kill and eat it as you like.

And it will also save you the trouble of hunting. The lion replied, “Okay. I agree to the offer, but make sure the animal reaches me on time, otherwise, I will kill all the animals in the forest. The animals agreed to the proposal.

From that day an animal was sent every day to the lion to be cooked. The lion started getting his food without suffering any pain from hunting. So, every day it was the turn of one of the animals. Once it was the rabbit’s turn to go to the lion’s den. The rabbit was old and wise. He was not ready to go, but the other animals forced him to go.

The rabbit thought of a plan that would save his life and the lives of the other animals in the forest. It took him a little longer to reach the lion and he reached the lion’s den a little later than the usual time.

At that time the lion was getting desperate because of not seeing any animal. And when the lion saw a small rabbit for his food, he became very angry. He vowed to kill all the animals. With folded hands, the rabbit hesitantly explained, “Your Excellency.

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Don’t blame me for this. Actually, six rabbits were sent to be your food, but five of them were killed and eaten by another lion. He also claimed to be the king of the jungle. Somehow I survived and reached here.

in great anger, “Impossible, there can be no other king of this forest tell me. Who is he? I’ll kill him. Take me to the place where you saw him. ‘The wise rabbit agreed and led the lion to a deep well full of water. When they reached the well, the rabbit said, “This is where he lives. He may be hiding inside.

The lion peeped into the well and saw his reflection in it. He thought it was some other lion. The lion got furious and started growling. Naturally the image in the water, the other lion was equally visible to him. He jumped into the well to kill the other lion.

The lion’s head hit the rocks and died by drowning in the deep water. The wise rabbit heaved a sigh of relief and went to the other animals and told the whole story.

All the animals became happy and started praising the rabbit. Thus, the wise rabbit saved all the animals from the cruel and proud lion and they all lived happily ever after.

What did We learn from Lion And Rabbit Story?

Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit Story With Moral The story also teaches us that even in the circumstances of severe crisis, we should act wisely and cleverly and try till the last breath.

Just as a rabbit, despite being in danger of death, by acting cleverly to defeat a dangerous and more powerful enemy like a lion, in the same way, by acting wisely and cleverly, we can overcome even the most powerful enemy by crossing the terrible danger. can defeat.


Q. In this story, who killed and ate the animals in
the forest?

Ans: In this story, the lion used to kill animals in the forest and eat them.

Q. What happened to the lion in the end?

Ans: At the end of the story, the rabbit killed the lion on his strength of his.


Lion and Rabbit Story With Moral is very funny for children. If you tell this Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit Story With Morals for your children, then they learn to use their intelligence properly in their future life.

We hope that you would have liked this Lion and Rabbit Story with Moral. If you have got to learn something from this Moral Story or if it is useful, then do share it on social media.

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